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In this episode of Bloggingheads Bob Wright and Mickey Kaus (especially here Bob) talks about his foreign policy depression relative to the three prez candidates.

McCain: Crazy. Neocon. Crazy. In an age of terrorism where non-state actors want large top-down bureaucracies like a the US military to invest themselves in a foreign country and then bleed them dry–recall Bin Laden’s theory: Plant the flag of al-Qaeda somewhere and the US invade–does that sound good with McCain in the Oval Office? Did I mention he’s a crazy saber-rattler who would be the most objectively pro-military ethos candidate since TR?

Clinton: Hawk. Uber-hawk. Her likely Sec State (Richard Holbrooke) wanted simply to invade Iraq minus UN vote. Now is talking about some crazy ass nuclear shield for Saudis and Egyptians. And is taking her foreign policy cues from Charles Krauthammer. I guess being forced via the Democratic primary (and US electorate) into arguing for a withdrawal from Iraq she feels exposed as some nutty left winger, so she has to go to the right of Bush on Iran.

Obama: Is now pinned in on foreign policy and won’t be able to do much because he’s got the lefty tag. Already seen in Obama’s very hard line stance against Hamas. More, they discuss how Obama has not yet figured out how to be a teacher (as opposed to a professor) on the trail.

My way of putting it is this. When McCain’s on TV I only want to shoot the television (or computer) screen. When Clinton is on, I want to shoot myself.

As an American living abroad and because of my political inclinations, I vote heavily based on foreign policy. Obama’s anti-Iraq war because it undercuts Afghanistan (which had been my position back in ’03), sold me. I didn’t need anything else to vote for the guy. The non-Boomer, audacity of hope, multi-racial, first true media age candidate, experience living abroad, all that is just sorta icing on the fp cake.

The rest of the traditional Dem policy (healthcare, environment) I realize needs to happen though I don’t totally agree with their way of going about it but at least they are doing something about it–McCain’s proposals on both are so completely inadequate.

But I agree with Bob. Depression on foreign policy.

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