Russia Re-orthodoxizing

Story from the NyTimes on how Russia is turning the Russian Orthodox Church into the de facto state church as it was prior to the October 1917 Soviet Revolution.

During the Soviet era, the role played by Christian myth was officially played by dogmatic Marxism.  The Orthodox Church stayed underground.

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.  So said Tertullian in the 2nd century.  And so it was in Russia during the era of the Gulags and the shadow of Stalinist terror.

This new policy, a major initiative of Vladimir Putin, has its root in national power:

The relationship is grounded in part in a common nationalistic ideology dedicated to restoring Russia’s might after the disarray that followed the end of the Soviet Union. The church’s hostility toward Protestant groups, many of which are based in the United States or have large followings there, is tinged with the same anti-Western sentiment often voiced by Mr. Putin and other senior officials.

However once the church enters this Constantinian relationship (church-state union) takes over, the fervor of the church is soon to follow.  Caesars eventually realize it is better to co-opt Christians than to murder or persecute them.  They become more docile, more controllable. They fight amongst one another (see Orthodox-Protestant fights in story).

Russia is now re-learning this lesson as it must.

Russia is the textbook case of Spiral Dynamics, as I always say.   A blue feudal monarchical Orthodox system up until 1917, when a pathological modernist soviet command and control economy was imposed and industrialization force feed through the populace.  A persecution of the blue order, eroding the Orthodox Church (with dogmatic Marxism failing as an ideology).

When the Soviet system fell it went from orange to red, through the floor, leaving only the Gangster Mafia and the KGB in control (red tribes).  Meaning that over time to restore order (blue) over anarchy (red tribalism) Putin takes control of the state machinery, works with the Churches for legitimacy, cracks down on the tycoons, free press, democratic opposition, and the mafia.  Also plays hard throughout Eastern Europe as a sign of near-domestic regional power.

Look soon for stories coming out of massive corruption in the Orthodox Church as its lying in bed with Caesar will get it into serious trouble and sin.


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