Harold and Kumar Escape from Gitmo

I had originally praised the coming of this movie. It did not disappoint. I love these guys.

Also check out this NyTimes piece on how race and the post 9/11 world is handled in the film.

The signal achievement of both Harold and Kumar films is that they make race incidental without taking racism lightly; they presuppose an enlightened audience. “When we start to write, we’re under the assumption that everyone knows racism is bad,” Mr. Schlossberg said. “If you don’t know that, you’re a moron. Harold and Kumar’s attitude toward racism is more frustration at having to deal with idiocy than moral outrage. We try to create a world where racism is stupid.”

And this:

That Harold and Kumar are typical pothead heroes ironically makes them more lifelike than the protagonists of most melting-pot movies, who tend to be saddled with representational burdens and identity-politics placards. Mr. Cho recounted an encounter with a fan, a young Asian-American woman, after the release of “White Castle”: “She was starting to thank me and I’d expected her to say something along the lines of ‘Thank you for representing Asian-Americans,’ but she said, ‘Thank you for representing stoners so well.’ ”

See this film.

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