WTF? Canadian Tomb Vandalizing Edition

The tomb in question was that of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. Now I’m an American and even I know you don’t f–k with Trudeau, especially his memory, much less his tomb.

From the CBC (uncool):

The tomb of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau was vandalized overnight, Quebec police said Saturday.

The words “traitor” and “FLQ” were painted in black on the Trudeau family mausoleum in Saint-Rémi, Que., south of Montreal.

Trudeau called in armed force to break up the FLQ (Front for Liberation of Quebec) and its terrorist enterprises in the October Crisis of 1970, particularly the kidnapping of two government ministers, one British, one Canadian (the latter died as a result).

[Trudeau was from Quebec but was a Liberal and therefore not a separatist].

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  1. That’s totally crazy.

    I just listened to a great podcast from CBC’s “Ideas” by a journalist on how the issues important to Quebecois are shifting, and how the differences are cut across generational lines, very fascinating.

  2. This seems to be a sort of fad out East.

    In recent memory the National War Monument in Ottawa and the Masonic War Monument in Windsor have also been vandalized.

    The simple solution is to bring back public humiliation. Public lashings are fine. As is the cool contraption where the arms and head of the idiot felon are stuck through a wooden block in the middle of town square. Rotten fruit and vegetables would be supplied to passers-by, free of charge. Throwing of said veggies would be incouraged.

    This makes perfect sense to me.I should write my MP…

  3. Canadians,

    Thanks for the replies. I think I heard the talk you are discussing Shannon.

    Bergen, I say write the MP. Alternatively the punishment could be to vandalize their grandmother’s grave and see it feels.

    Peace. CJ

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