New DNC Ad Against McCain: Updated

Now McCain and Crew on the right will argue (and have argued) that this takes his words out of context.

McCain says that we will be in Iraq for as long as it takes for victory (victory defined here). Also he uses the analogy of South Korea, Germany, and Japan saying that US troops have been there without being attacked for decades maintaining the peace. 50 years, 100 years, pick a number. For McCain the key is victory.

And here is Howard Dean adroitly addressing this response today on the Meet the Press (transcript here, page5:

DR. DEAN: First of all, we’re not arguing that he’s going to be at war for a hundred years. We don’t think we ought to be in Iraq for a hundred years under any circumstances. Think of the hundreds of billions of dollars that are being spent in Iraq, which we need right here at home right now to preserve American jobs. That’s the first thing.

Secondly, if Senator McCain believes that you can occupy a country like Iraq for a hundred years without having a long war and violence and our troops being hurt and, and killed, I think Senator McCain is wrong.

The under any circumstance line refers to the building and manning of permanent military installations in Iraq. The second point is equally if not more fundamental. How in God’s name does McCain think Americans are ever going to be in Iraq in a manner comparable to Japan?

–Who is the Emperor in this scenario?

–Who are the North and the South Koreans of Iraq? Where is Iraq’s DMZ?

–Who were are the communists and who the capitalists in this scenario? Where is the Berlin Wall? (Baghdad?)

This plan of shifting to a non-casualty position in Iraq is a figment of the imagination and will only get Americans killed.

Not to mention that victory as defined by McCain is impossible.

Obama has to learn this backwards and forwards and offer no rhetorical quarter on this point, driving it home when he faces McCain. Your definition of victory is impossible. No permanent bases. No more six months to assess if the new strategy is working. And there is no way this country is like South Korea or that the US could ever be in a position to remain in the country and not be attacked. Period. Whether that’s 20 years from now, 50, or 100.

Update I:  It gets even better now that it turns out McCain used to be against this analogy (and bases) before he was for it.

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