Glenn Loury on Wright-Obama

Fascinating discussion with a fascinating thinker (a Clinton-supporter if it matters) on Bloggingheads.

He actually defends at least the seriousness with which elements of Wright’s main theses should be taken.

1)Different is not deficient. Different as in African American culture[s] (of which there is not one monolith for sure) including the strain of black church culture he represented (again one of several) hold a place of distinction, not necessarily as Loury says the city shinning on the hill narrative.

2)Black liberation theology

3)One that I hadn’t thought of—that Wright could genuinely be angry for Obama’s race speech in Philadelphia seemingly relegating Wright (and others like him) to simply Boomers, those of the past, hobbled by their anger. [Let the record state, Loury is a boomer, so thread of Obama’s also a personal tinge for him as well which in part might explain his support for Clinton…as he detailed in this Bloggingheads episode.]

4)And Wright showed his butt.

Joshua Cohen his interlocutor also makes some very sharp points, and also kudos to him–actually listened to Wright’s speech (not relying only on the Q&A and the histrionics).

Update: One other point–Loury’s critique of Obama’s foreign policy (around minute 20-21) would be countered by the fact that Obama has been consistently hardline against Hamas. Whether or not Obama really believes this or not or whether he knows he can only go so far in his denunciation of American foreign policy post Cold War world, is a legitimate question, particularly given the background of his pastor, Obama being black, and the special relationship/question of Israeli-US policy–oh and Obama is secretly a Muslim probably adds to that as well. Loury has opinion on the subject. I’m not really sure.

But like Bob Wright it might matter not given that I don’t think Obama will have much if any leeway (even if he didn’t believe his own words that Loury cites from the Philly speech) to do anything with the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Hillary Clinton would except she is more hardline than Bush on the issue, so she won’t.

And to be fair to Obama, he was critiquing Reverend Wright’s views which do over-emphasize Israeli evil and under-emphasize terror out of Palestinian extremist groups and an ideology of hate indoctrinated in children. That doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t also aware of or believe in evil policies of the Israelis.

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