Gene Robinson on Today Show

Gene Robinson, the 9th Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, and the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion. I’m sad I have to mention the gay part, not because of the gay thing saddens me, but because of this idea that he is the “gay” bishop. As opposed to just a regular bishop.

Anyway, he was on the Today show this morning. Embedded in that link is a flash player of to the video of the interview. He discusses his new book.

Theologically and spiritually he is genuine in proclaiming that in the midst of death threats–he wore a kevlar vest under his episcopal robes during his ordination–he feels God closer than ever. This is the classic insight of Christianity going all the way back to Tertullian (2nd century) who said that “the blood of the martyrs (persecuted/witnesses for the faith) is the seed of the Church.” Interesting sidenote, the Latin word for seed Tertullian uses is literally “semen”. The blood of the martyrs if the semen of the Church.

Here is a link to an excerpt from the book.

This piece I found the most interesting and shrewd in its pastoral understanding (my emphasis):

It might surprise readers (I hope it will) to learn just how “orthodox” I am. Perhaps both my supporters and my critics will be surprised at just how theologically conservative I am. Just because I favor taking a second look at what Holy Scripture actually says — and doesn’t say — about homosexuality as we understand it today, it doesn’t follow that I believe everything in scripture is up for grabs. I have listened long and hard to my conservative brothers and sisters in Christ when they express their fears that those of us who favor the full inclusion and participation of gay and lesbian people in the life and leadership of the Episcopal Church also favor the deconstruction of orthodox doctrines such as the Trinity and the divinity of Christ. The fear that inclusion of lgbt folk in the church is but a precursor to an all-out attack on the long-held orthodox doctrines of the church may be our greatest stumbling block to full inclusion. My hope is that this book will speak to those fears in a way that sets the acceptance of gay and lesbian Christians within the larger context of orthodox belief.

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