Barnett on the Disaster of McCain’s Foreign Policy

This alone is the reason not to vote for the guy as much as Obama’s anti-NAFTA talk makes cringe.

You see all the us-v-them thinking in Kagan’s: all he sees in the 21st century is the return of the 19th. My God, the neocons’ complete lack of understanding of globalization and economics is just stunning.

That’s what makes them so dangerous. McCain has no soul WRT economics: no business or real-world understanding whatsoever. So the neocons like Kagan fill that empty vessel.

Zakaria’s calm reasonableness on globalization is completely missing on the GOP side right now. It is a sad state of affairs to see the party so dominated by economic Know-Nothings.

Worse, the GOP has virtually no young talent in the wings. Sad indeed.

We get McCain and we get far worse than Bush III. Bush was sensible if unambitious on globalization. McCain’s worldview could easily destroy globalization unless he becomes more realistic and informed on global economics.

Otherwise it’ll be just a bevy of advisers who see the world strictly in pol-mil terms blundering about far worse than Bush, who clearly knew his ass from his elbow on Russia and China.

The only counter name I can think of is Dan Drezner.  The younger creative conservative bloggers tend to be coming of a neo-paleoconservatism.  Or a neo anti-war wing of the conservative tradition.  But in terms of security conservatives, sadly I think Barnett is mostly correct.

Barnett links to this article in WaPo by Fareed Zakaria:

Zakaria key quote:

On March 26, McCain gave a speech on foreign policy in Los Angeles that was billed as his most comprehensive statement on the subject. It contained within it the most radical idea put forward by a major candidate for the presidency in 25 years. Yet almost no one noticed.

In his speech McCain proposed that the United States expel Russia from the G8, the group of advanced industrial countries. Moscow was included in this body in the 1990s to recognize and reward it for peacefully ending the cold war on Western terms, dismantling the Soviet empire and withdrawing from large chunks of the old Russian Empire as well. McCain also proposed that the United States should expand the G8 by taking in India and Brazil-but pointedly excluded China from the councils of power.

We have spent months debating Barack Obama’s suggestion that he might, under some circumstances, meet with Iranians and Venezuelans. It is a sign of what is wrong with the foreign-policy debate that this idea is treated as a revolution in U.S. policy while McCain’s proposal has barely registered. What McCain has announced is momentous-that the United States should adopt a policy of active exclusion and hostility toward two major global powers. It would reverse a decades-old bipartisan American policy of integrating these two countries into the global order, a policy that began under Richard Nixon (with Beijing) and continued under Ronald Reagan (with Moscow). It is a policy that would alienate many countries in Europe and Asia who would see it as an attempt by Washington to begin a new cold war.

You can listen to the aforementioned Robert Kagan [be afraid]….here.

In one sentence he says he was not thinking enough about terrorism in the 90s and now wants to get beyond War on Terror in the next. WTF??? As compared to the rise of the “great autocratic capitalistic” powers of China and Russia. Yeah because that is who we need to pick a fight right now….the Chinese and Russkies. Then of course goes for the League of Democracies. [I think he called it the Community of Democracies. Question to the Policy Expert:  Is this a gated community?]

Hezbollah just took over Beirut and he is talking about kicking Russia out of the G8. WTF???

And then Spencer Ackerman comes on and blasts Kagan out of the city gates into the foreign policy outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. Ackerman correctly points out (just Kagan himself admitted) that they are not interested in terrorism. His respondent (a guy named Gardner from Heritage I’ve never heard of) just talks about the US sending a message of “weakness”. No rational discussion of the issues–other than Iran is going to destroy Israel however rational that articulation is–just references to emotion. The last refugee of fools I suppose. And of course the inevitable reference to Nazi Germany and anyone who does not see Iran as the Third Reich as appeasers.

F@#& Balls that’s sub-par.

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