superd’s update

To quote Stephen Colbert, “I called it.”  Here.

I said that Obama passing Clinton in superdelegates would take away the final arrow in the Clinton quiver so that even her upcoming wins in WV and KY would likely be (mostly) ignored.

NyTimes and ABCNews have Obama as of today passing Clinton.

First Read has Obama within 4.  He has picked up net 7 just today.  And doing so on Friday adds further talking points for the Sunday talk shows.

And one other big superdelegate on the horizon (with himself 30+ other delegates pledged to him he could release)? [from NyTimes article]:

Appearing on MSNBC this morning, John Edwards said he was “very likely” to endorse the candidate he voted for in the North Carolina primary on Tuesday. But, the anchors asked, which candidate was it?

In his demurral, Mr. Edwards may have slipped: “I just voted — I just voted for him on Tuesday,” he said. But given Mr. Edwards’s Southern accent, that pesky pronoun may have been plural, albeit in a shortened form: “I just voted for ’em on Tuesday.”

David Schuster, an MSNBC host, attempted to ferret out the truth. “So it was a him or a her that you voted for?” he asked, interrupting the former senator. Mr. Edwards then backpedaled, saying, “No, no,” and laughing.

Obama has already shifted into general election.  If you want to see the preview of how this general will be, Obama’s strategy against McCain, the text of his speech today in Oregon here.  He looks gracious to Hillary in all his recent interviews, meanwhile she is still attacking him and is headed into further irrelevance.  The more of that she does, the quicker these superdelegates keep coming for Obama.

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