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Noam Scheiber in TNR:

Is it just me, or is Hillary now effectively spending Barack Obama’s money to continue running against him, albeit more gingerly than before…I don’t know what choice Obama has, since he clearly wants to keep Hillary happy and unite the party. Still, there’s something perverse about Hillary running up debt he’s going to help pay off in order to kinda make the case against him.

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  1. It is understood by the players that Barak will have to pay off Hillary’s debts “to heal the party”. They knew that going in. Ask any veteran politico.

    There is one very good and valuable reason why Hillary needs to stay in until June: She can reveal the controversies, and control the spin, that the Republicans will want to exploit. By getting things ‘out in the open’ within her own party, she diffuses voter fears which the Republican liars might capitalize on. Can you imagine Carl Rove spinning the Rev. Wright story during the general election?

    What she needs to do is focus not on tearing him down, but showing him off. Her out-of-competition opinions about his weaknesses and strengths will be trusted more so than anyone else’s. This, more than any other strategy, will gain her widespread respect as a statesman.

    If she ever wants to run for public office again, she needs to stop thwarting the people by dividing their party. The Dems will need a truely cohesive group to repulse the fearmongers as they ramp up their stay-the-course-for-100-years war during the elections. She has the power to unite. She now needs the courage.

    So much of history is riding on her ending her candidacy well. I pray she will see how important to peace she has become. It is not about the money.


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