Master Electoral-Political Plan for Obama?

He comes out and names Jim Webb as his VP and Bill Richardson as Sec of State simultaneously. Thereby putting both Virginia and the West (Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada) into play, the very states he needs to win the election. [Alternatively he names Gov. Sebelius as VP but again with Richardson in toe].  Wes Clark as National Security Adviser.

Right now with his fire focused on the Bush-McCain foreign policy mess this could be interesting.

Obama is quickly learning that this of all years the Democrats should be running on the failure of Republicans, including McCain, on national security, terrorism, Iraq, Iran, Middle East. Do not cede that ground. Because McCain given FP (so-called) expertise space would then pivot, as we have seen him do in the last week, to issues like global warming, cutting wasteful spending, being bipartisan and looking like a reasonable moderate.

This way Obama forces McCain into the corner of his arch-hardline League of Democracies, Stay in Iraq until we Achieve Victory, Bomb Iran to kingdom Come, and Democrats are evil socialists who will bring in judges who like the gays and Marxist-Leninist health care. i.e. It will make McCain look more and more like a wacked out right winger, neutralizing McCain’s only way to achieve victory (war hero, appear moderate thinking conservative/Republican), whose for honesty in government).

Thoughts on the VP-Sec State combo? There are strong reasons for Richardson as VP to be sure. As Secretary of State though it fits perfectly with Obama’s message of tough diplomacy–Richardson dealt with Kim Jong in N. Korea.

For all this talk about how Obama was Adlai Stevenson too weak to go after somebody, it’s always been my thought that that was a factor of it being an intra-Democratic Party thing and Clinton is a woman. But against McCain both of those are off, and while Obama will never love the fight as much as say Clinton, when he gets pissed (as if he is now compliments the President), he looks both sane-rational and torqued up (appropriately).

This is his moment to paint McCain for the General and set the parameters of the debate. Bonus: It’s killing talk of this Unity Ticket nonsense.

Update I: Memo to John McCain, the President of Iran who did in fact call Israel “a stinking corpse” and wants its annihilation is not who Obama (or his Secretary of State) would be meeting with in a hypothetical diplomatic encounter with Iran. Anytime you would like to stop using that false line of attack, it would be appreciated. Looks like someone else needs to know better.

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