The General Election Starts Now

This whole Bush line of attack at the Knesset is nothing but political gold (and political stupidity on Bush’s part to boot) for Obama.

It also reminds us that—Hillary who? Clinton’s got nothing really to stand on vis a vis Iran given that her position is in fact Bush’s.

Now word that McCain used to be for talks with Hamas before he was against him. Correction hereCorrection to the correction, Rubin argues the original quotation was correct.  I’m confused where Crowley got his quotation.  I report you decide (I’m confused however on this one).

Though it is arguable that Hamas did recognize the ceasefire agreed to by Fatah prior to their election, so that they at that point had warranted some talks. But even in this correction it still doesn’t change that his position is the same as Obama’s and that he has to argue that because some dude from Hamas said some nice things about Obama clearly ever one should draw the inference that Obama is weak and terrorists know they can take him and American by extension somehow. Just dumb stuff.

Obama (and I think he was wrong on this one so weirdly I’m with the first John McCain on this one) was never for talks with Hamas, so McCain is now the appeaser or at least flip flopper on this one.

At every stage McCain has had the chance to break with Bush. 2004 he joins with Kerry and he’d be the Vice President now, 2006 vis a vis the surge, 2008 with the election. And McCain yoking his wagon to Bush will yet again cost him the Presidency. Part tragedy (for McCain personally) part comedy.

McCain needs the election to be about the future and for sure not about the war. Although to be fair, his speech on the future lacked a little, what’s the word, specifics. (And check the video on that website, who the hell does their marketing? It’s unintentionally teh awesome.)

Though no word from the campaign (I have no inside sources) but perhaps McCain’s 2013 Policy Agenda and his vision of how it will be implemented comes from this Fount of Wisdom:

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