Granada Thread 2–History

From the Wiki:

Granada, with an estimated population of about 116,000 (2005), is Nicaragua‘s fourth most populous city. It is the oldest city founded by Europeans in Central America. This is after several cities in Mexico were priorly settled by Spanish, i.e. Veracruz and Mexico City, among others. It is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Cocibolca and was founded by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba on December 8, 1524. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and layout. Granada is commonly nicknamed the “Gran Sultana del Gran Lago” – the Great Sultan of the Great Lake.

Nicaragua received Independence from the Spanish empire during the 1820s during the period of Revolutions throughout the Region (think Simon Bolivar & Crew).  After which Granada which was the bastion of conservative Nicaragua fought with liberal Leon.  Liberal meaning in the classically liberal James Madison, George Washington, Deist sense.

The two cities fought for power prior to the accession of the Somoza Dictatorship.

The liberals in Leon in their on going war with Granada hired an American mercenary named William Walker who saw what he thought was a good opportunity and tried to take the country over (which he did for a short period) as well as extending an empire further south in Costa Rica.  Granada was his base for further exploration and conquest south.  He was eventually forced into a retreat and one of his generals burned Granada prior to their flight.  So much of the ancient Spanish colonial (founded in 16th century by the Conquistador Cordoba) was destroyed in the process.

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