Doc on history of the Revolution

This is a documentary that was made in 1979 the year of the Sandinista Revolution by Australian journalist John Pilger. His wiki here. As the wiki states Pilger has been a long time critic of US foreign policy. This video is decidedly one-sided in its depiction of the events. (pro-Sandinista). I post it because that side is the one not often shown in the West or rather the US.

You also get to see an honest to God liberation theologian in the film.

The Vatican under John Paul II and then Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict) stood against the liberation theologians because they were seen as Marxists. JP II was in the midst of the East European, particularly Polish Catholic struggle against Soviet communism. John Paul could not see a difference between what was going on in Latin America and the Soviet Union. Reagan saw things similarly i.e. that Nicaragua would become a Soviet satellite in the Western Hempishere a la Cuba. The movie questions that fundamental assumption. It examines the possibility that this country was on its own trajectory (not without serious problems or potential pitfalls) trying for something different and unjustly robbed of its sovereignty.

It also exposes the paranoia (from our vantage point today) of the Cold War.

A more balanced doc would show also the atrocities committed by the Sandinistas (of which there were many) particularly in response to atrocities perpetrated by the Contras.

Edit:  Not sure if the video is coming up.  If not, the link is here.

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