Pro-Life Christian Voters for Obama

Some good food for thought from Ross Douthat:

In practice, this means I’m much more sympathetic to a pro-life Catholic who’s supporting Barack Obama in order to vote against the life-and-death consequences of American interventionism, in Iraq and elsewhere – even though I’m skeptical about the merits of that particular calculus – than I am to a pro-life Catholic who’s voting for Obama because he thinks the distribution of the American tax burden conflicts with Catholic social thought. Or again, even as I disagreed with their assessment, I would have been much more sympathetic to a pro-life Mondale voter who took the view that Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy was raising the risk of thermonuclear war above and beyond any reasonable or acceptable level than to a pro-life Mondalenik who thought Reagan wasn’t doing enough to maintain the “preferential option for the poor” that Catholic social teaching calls for.

My position is not quite that of Douthat´s given that at most I would be for the overturning of Roe v. Wade realizing that quickly states would pass legislation in favor of abortion (federalist solution).  i.e. I oppose (not that it would ever happen anyway) a federal (so called) pro life amendment.  But as I see both parties totally dug in on this issue while the candidates from either party make references to possible non-orthodoxy, the reality to me seems otherwise.  e.g. McCain would most certainly appoint a justice that would give the court the veto of Roe v. Wade.  Obama of course would not.

With that particular divide seemingly unbridgeable for now, my vote based on foreign policy in my particular calculus of the life-death question.

And ditto the point that whatever the views on withholding communion to pro-choice voting Catholic politicians (which personally I am opposed to), there is no argument to be made for a Catholic voter having Communion withheld.  As happened to Doug Kmiec, a pro-life Catholic Obama supporter.

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