Tonight the Nomination

Looks like by all accounts Obama will get the delegates he needs tonight. Will likely win both SD and Montana. God only knows what Clinton will do. I don´t even think Hillary and Bill know right now.

I´m kinda bummed I´m going to miss Obama´s speech live tonight. Hoping he brings the juice. We´ll see, I guess it depends on how many supers come out during the day and how big the wins are. It could be some magic night. But let it be remembered whether today or tomorrow or next week or whenever, this upset is one of the biggest in American political history. Certainly I would argue within the Democratic Party and for sure within a primary.

As I´ve said a bajillion times, Obama is a much better general election candidate than a Democratic Primary candidate. I think come this summer that will start to show. Assuming Clinton cools off and lets him conslidate the base.

Bonus:  My former mayor, sleazy pimped out badass Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit—what???) who seriously needs to resign just endorsed Obama.  How do you spell booyacka sucka??

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  1. On a related note.

    If it holds true that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination, his keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention is scheduled to take place on August 28th; the 45th anniversary of what is arguably the most famous speech in American history. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his immortal “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th, 1963.

  2. Shane,

    That´s right. Goosebump potential Sky High. Can´t wait.


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