Post to come on Levinas

I promise to get to a Levinas post, as the book is really fairly mind blowing.  The greatest critique of Heidegger from within the European continental tradition I can think of.  As well as Sartre–who (in)famously said hell is other people.  For Levinas, the Other is in fact revelation (of the good). 

There are some problems with the outlook of the book (Infinity over Totality for example) but I love the anti-foundationalism and the precise narrow focus on one and one thing only, the encounter, the phenomenology of what makes ethics even possible—forget whether you are a virtue ethicist, utilitarian, or deontologist.  Levinas pulls the back the curtain in Western philosophy on what even makes possible (pre-cognitively) human to human encounter and how this has been sorely neglected in philosophical and religious discourse. 


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