Thursday morning Corn Island Blogging

The walk over today was not as bug and muddy as the other day.  Gracefully we have had a lot of wind the last two nights which sends those mosquitoes to the other side of the island.  (We are on the windy side). 

In the internet cafe (air con for $3/hr.) the same song has now played four times in a row.  Disgracefully it is about how some dude wants a young girl who can´t believe she is still a virgin (literally that is the line) and on the fourth round around he is still can´t believe she hasn´t been deflowered.  You´d think after 20 minutes of singing about it (straight!!!) he would have lost his incredulity concerning her sexual identity.  He does have a ¨lot of respect for her¨which is clearly just a smooth line to get her in bed.  But whatever.  Island life.

Chloe has had some nice diving the past few days, while I still work through Totality and Infinity by Levinas.  Finished the book on Tamerlane.  On the plus side, I´ve reached a 60-70% comprehension rate per sentence with Levinas.  This has taken three days.  When I first began it was like 20%.  The final section of the book concerning Eros and Love, I´m still on getting at a 15-25% clip. 

Thank the Creator, that infernal song has stopped.  Now it´s Elton John (the bad later 80s-90s pop syrupy stuff) but I´ll take anything at this point. 

I´m heartened to see (and read in the latest news around here) that the island is working hard to become an eco-tourism, local development place as opposed to the same old restor-y Hilton Head wannabe schlok place.  They want to keep it more rustic and has some advantages in that regard—a nasty 45 panga ride (that I loved) bouncing all over the place.  Perhaps keeping away the more delicate of tourists. 

Pics to come (I dumbly forget the cord for the camera) but we are staying with a modern day incarnation of Swiss Family Robinson. Mom, Dad, two kids, treehouses on the edge of the island, living by themselves.  I´m just waiting to launch some coconut bombs at incoming pirates.  Oh and the parrot (speaking of buccaneers) really likes me although I haven´t got him to sit on my shoulder yet.  I´m still working on it. 


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