When in this post I picked an educated guess (though pretty much off the top of my head) and said drilling in ANWR would bring the price of oil down $0.25/gallon, boy was I wrong.

Try $0.02/gallon. Oh in 2025. (h/t Andrew Sullivan).

That’s two pennies (which should be eliminated anyway but that’s different topic for a different day).

That and nuclear energy–which needs government money (McCain only gives “incentives” not handouts, corporate welfare, or pork barrel remember) because no banks or investment firms will fund the operation. Gee I wonder why. What do those capitalists know about a making a buck/good investment anyway?

McCain’s as bad on Big Nuclear as Obama is on Big Farm/Corn. But at least Obama realizes you have to move away from carbon based fuels (and I don’t think nuclear is the great solution McCain wants it to be).


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