Canajan News Roundup

Time for some local/national news.

Foreign policy

The Afghan government has inked has set up a four-way between Turkmenistan, India, China, and itself. Kinky. The deal is to create a pipeline from Turk. (which has got gas as it were) to India and China (which lack it). The pipeline however would run right through Kandahar and the surrounding areas in the south of Afghanistan, i.e. headquarters for the Taliban and stations of the Canadian and British troops.

Except increased fighting and new protest signs when I go downtown for church on Sunday past the Art Museum where all such (lame) protests occur: Blood for Gas

The Taliban likely employing systempunkt will target the pipeline. You can guarantee it. 1)to prevent large scale connection, national government extension as well as to siphon off any fuel they can to sell on the black market to fund their operations.


The Liberal Party and its leader Stephane Dion has introduced a carbon emissions tax proposal.  You can read it here (I’m still going through the details).  The claim is that it will be revenue neutral, the taxes offset by cuts in income tax.  While in the aggregate the numbers may even out for individuals there could be a hit.  The conservatives as usual have started a bit of over the top fear campaign (as well as disinformation the Liberals contend) rather than rationally critique the thing. The tax is not a pay at the pump tax (already one of those).  It is more like a cap and trade type emissions tax, taxing tonnage of carbon output at $10/tonne raising $10/tonne/year up to $40/tonne by the fourth year.  It attempts to signal to the economy to move away from carbon.  This is/will be opposed by oil-rich Alberta and Saskatchewan.  BC has already moved to similar legislation and the Premier (Liberal Party, equivalent to Gov. of States) of Ontario has reversed his earlier opposition and seems to be in favor of the bill.  The bill is also to be timed as part of an eventual calling of an election and an attempt to thrown down the current Minority Conservative Party government.

Though on the positive side for conservatives, PM Harper has formally apologized to Aboriginal peoples for the government’s involvement in the residential schools program, part of the broader governmental program (until the 1970s) of Europeanizing (colonizing and “civilizing” in the old language) aboriginal peoples.


A sixth foot was found this week near the Campbell River.  This is an on-going disturbing phenomenon.  Turns out this sixth one was a hoax (was an animal non-human foot in a shoe).   The perp of such action wins my coveted Candidate for Burning in Hell/Fin’g Bastard of the Week Award.  Or maybe Year.  Not cool.


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