Balkin on Obama on FISA

Not good. Better than McCain, but not sure that is really a compliment.


Most Americans don’t realize that the FISA compromise comes in two parts. The first part greatly alters FISA by expanding the executive’s ability to wiretap and engage in much broader searches of communications than were permissible under the law before. It essentially gives congressional blessing to some but not all of what the executive was doing under President Bush. President Obama will like having Congress authorize these new powers. He’ll like it just fine. People aren’t paying as much attention to this part of the bill. But they should, because it will define the law of surveillance going forward. It is where your civil liberties will be defined for the next decade.

While everyone in the b-sphere (especially irate netroots/progressives) the real issue is the first half and the extension of the National Surveillance State.

And this conclusion, mark these words:

If you really care about civil liberties in the National Surveillance State, you have to recognize that both parties will be constructing its institutions. The next President will be a major player in its construction, as important if not more important than George W. Bush ever was. That President will want more authority to engage in surveillance, and he’ll be delighted for Congress to give it to him officially.

Countdown video on the subject h/t Daily Kos:


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