Good Article on Ohio Prez Campaigns

From my old hometown paper The Cincy Enquirer.  Obama has picked up Gov. Ted Strickland’s campaign manager as his Ohio manager.  Nice.  Serious points.

It has to be remembered that the Ohio Republican Party’s collapse was circa 2006.  DeWine lost his Senate Race to Sherrod Brown, Strickland beat out batshit insane Christocrat Ken Blackwell also from Cincy.   Ohio’s Republican Party is turning more into a Southern US looking party–evangelical (so-called) values voters, downscale Walmart Republicans. In other words, DeWine (a Christian but not an evangelical) had trouble getting these kinds of votes out.  McCain has his problem via the endorsement of Ohio (Columbus area) pastor Rod Parsley who said the US was created to destroy Islam.  But generally McCain (as the article interviews one such person) is going to have a hard time (like DeWine unlike Blackwell) getting out the evangelical vote since McCain’s history with that group is fractious and fractured.

Since that time a number of Ohio Republican Reps. are retiring or not running again in swing districts.  At the congressional level Ohio will continue to turn Democratic.  Again this bodes well for Obama in the state.

The business community after leaning Bush in 2004 is heading Democrat.  The state has also taken a heavy proportion of fatalities in the war as Ohio is a major recruiting state for the military/marines.

Obama of course did well in Cincinnati in the Dem primary (black voters, urban liberals, college students) as well as Cleveland.  If he can match that with Strickland voters plus Obama’s get out the vote drive (upping his three core constituencies), plus the continued economic bad news, advantage Obama.  No Republican has ever gotten into the White House without winning Ohio.

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