Quote for the Day

Courtesy Mark Kleinman (sidenote: apparently it’s a Reality Based Community kinda day here at Ind. Union, w/ three posts linked to them in a day). But this is too good to pass up (my italics/bold).  Plus I’m in full on snark mode (no idea why but let’s go with it):

Andrew Sullivan says of Charles Krauthammer’s latest Two Minutes’ Hate directed at Barack Obama, “Krauthammer is better than this.” No doubt Sullivan is trying to be generous, but I have to disagree. For any possible value of “this,” it is not the case that “Krauthammer is better than this.” He is always “worse than this.” Krauthammer’s consistent vileness knows no lower bound.

We are speaking, after all, about a man who uses his professional credential as a psychiatrist to suggest that those with whom he disagrees are mentally ill.

It’s not everyone who can manage to be a disgrace to two professions at once.

Oh snap.

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