Camp McCain Going Apes–t

It’s really on now. 

This is so ludicruos (but fun somehow).  Camp McCain is now saying Jim Webb is coordinated with Obama in an uber-conspiracy to hit his military record. 

So Webb in an interview last night said that McCain should quote “calm down (h/t TPM)” about his military service in the campaign. 

Now the McCain camp is saying that this was purposeful (with Obama’s clear approval & foreknowledge) and is an attack on McCain’s record.  WTF? 

Unfortunately Jim Webb (for anyone paying attention, like in his new book for instance published before all this and written long before any of this) argues that Democrats overall don’t get the military and still seem them as victims (as opposed to autonomous beings who deserve respect) and Republicans politicize the military.

Sound familiar?  Maybe like he was telling McCain (Republican) to stop politicizing the military?  i.e. Return of consistent theme (proving his, Webb’s thesis) not disrespecting McCain’s military service nor part of the Obama conspiracy.   

Seems so, again via TPM, a statement from Webb’s press person:

I can tell you that Senator Webb has never spoken with Senator Obama about this issue nor has he spoken to Wesley Clark. Senator Webb’s comments were not targeted at McCain’s military service. He has consistently called for politicians not to insert politics into military service. This is the exact same argument that he used against Lindsay Graham last year in their Meet the Press interview regarding objections to giving troops adequate dwell time at home.Senator Webb has never, and would never, demean the service of anyone who has stepped forward to serve our country. To the contrary, he was calling on those on all sides of the debate to refrain from implying that their political views are representative of the military writ large.

So is McCain calling Webb a liar?  Wouldn’t that be denigrating a man who honorably served our country in the military as a soldier as well as in the naval administration and now in the Senate? 

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  1. “So is McCain calling Webb a liar? Wouldn’t that be denigrating a man who honorably served our country in the military as a soldier as well as in the naval administration and now in the Senate?”

    exactly. not to mention working his ass off on the G.I. bill.


  2. C4,

    Good link, thanks for the comment. Yeah, not so good. Word is due to the GI Bill, Webb may be moving up in the Veep stakes.

    Peace. CJ

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