In my reverse triple bank shot theory, this puts Clark back in the running for VP slot. Obama makes clear he did not repudiate Clark and doesn’t think he should apologize.  So what I said here should be amended accordingly. 

The first link (via ThePage) has YouTube of the question/answer after his faith speech where Obama addresses the (non)issue. 

 Obama’s next move is to pivot and get back to his central theme that McCain is using this as a distraction because he doesn’t want to talk about Iraq, belligerence towards Iran given that McCain’s positions on such matters are in such stark contrast to the majority American view.

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  1. I think if they can move away from the McCain comments, or just use them simply as a springboard for discussion on military policy, Clark could work out as VP. Comparing Clark’s military credentials with McCain’s is certainly valid and a better way to spend time than just tearing McCain down.

  2. ifm,

    thanks for the comment. yeah I think they definitely need to broaden to the larger security issues and away from “Did the surge work?”.

    I’ve always thought Clark would be an interesting choice, but he’s a Clintonite and I think Obama likes people he knows, who are from his circle. We’ll see.


  3. cj,

    as expected Clark’s comments were blown out of proportion by the political media circus.

    watch this video and weep.

    but as one insightful Youtube commenter say:

    “what IDIOT would think what Clark said is incorrect? he said “I don’t think…getting shot down is a qualification to be president.” That is the absolute truth and should be said.

    My dad served in Vietnam and he sure as hell ain’t qualified to be president. ”

    it’s Clark that received the swiftboating treatment.

    but i agree with your original post about this.

    “Clark should have known that this is how it would go, and better left not said, even though I think on the merits factually accurate. I think the Democrats shouldn’t be afraid of national security talk but this wasn’t the way to go about it to make up that is for there “security deficit” and the image of them in the media as pansies.”


  4. c4,

    no doubt he got the shaft. no doubt the double standard is in play where conservatives can criticize someone’s actual military service as long as they are Democrats and get away with it (and still be pro-military/patriots, how exactly???) and Democrats (when not even doing so) will automatically assumed to be doing so and thought to be reviving their hatred of America and the military. WTF?

    apropos of the Clark as VP here is Steve Kornacki arguing the exact opposite (that it’s the end of his run):

    Wes Clark

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