CJ Godcasting

This is my initial foray into podcasting, er godcasting.

This audio is a sermon I delivered in my home parish of Christ Church Cathedral at the main Sunday Eucharistic worship on January 27th of this year.

The Scriptural texts for the day upon which my sermon is based can be read here. I focused mostly on the Gospel passage, Matthew 4:12-23. The theme of the Sermon has to do with the then happening Liturgical Season of Epiphany, which follows the Christmas Season. The principal image for Epiphany is light, which is the basis for my reflection.


PS And shout out to my pal Erosophy for the tech support on finally getting this bad boy to play.

The audio can be listened to by simply clicking the link below (sermonccc).



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  1. Hey Chris,

    I noticed you haven’t posted anymore sermons and just wanted to say I’d love to hear more if you have any. As a request I’m really interested in hearing more on how your perspective is translating into your ministry like the recent posts on the role of Scripture and Christ of Faith. In particular I’d love to hear how you approach the doctrine of the Trinity and it’s relation to the non-dual.


  2. John,

    Thanks for the post. I’m working on getting a sermon I recently preached up on the site, but am having a few technical glitches. But whatever the case with that one, I will be posting some more in the future. I’m preaching a bunch come early next year, but I do have a few times before Christmas.

    Ok, I’ll give the Trinity recommendation some thought.

    Peace. Chris

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