Sam Nunn as VP? Sam Nunn?

Jonathan Alter drops a stupid bomb with this post calling for Sam Nunn as VP. This is the apothesis of insider Washington journalistic closed-think.

Nunn would I imagine be a bad choice for National Security Adviser now that Wesley Clark is probably out of the running. And yes there is some evidence he (along with some Bob Barr action) could put in Georgia in play. But if Georgia is seriously going to turn blue, then North Carolina and Virginia will do so without Nunn and Obama is president in a walk.

But come on…as VP?

As of this week two of the Virginians are out: Mark Warner and Jim Webb, the two Senators from Virginia to be. Warner is going to win election in an absolute landslide come the Fall.

This still leaves VA Gov. Tim Kaine who was one of the first Obama supporters, definitely puts Virginia into play and fits with Obama’s comfortability in talking faith in the Democratic Party (one of Kaine’s biggest drums). Kaine is a pro-life Democrat which would be very interesting I think though the rabid pro-choice wing of the Dem Party is already going ballistic (in certain quarters) over Obama’s call for no mental distress (but yes to physical endangerment) provision for late term abortions. In other words, probably won’t happen.

I think Sebelius or maybe Evan Bayh then are probably heading into the final stretch neck and neck. The longer Obama is clearly in charge of the party and his message, the less the calls for a Clintonite to be on the ticket come into play. That suggests less for Bayh, as Obama seems very much to favor people whom he is simpatico with, groks at a personal level. Sebelius fits that description to a T and she reinforces (pace Alter) the Obama theme of good judgment in governance.

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