Logical Jujitsu: Iraq Edition with Sanford & Son Allusion

Via ThinkProgress,

Mark Sanford (R-Gov SC) possible (until yesterday) VP pick for McCain went on national TV and embarrassed himself. He is taking some heat from drawing a blank on differences between McCain’s and Bush’s economic policies (hint there are none really).

But the Think Progress piece points out Sanford also made this interesting statement responding to a question about the Iraqi PM’s call for a timetable:

The decision will ultimately be made by the next president of the United States. And as a consequence, you know, people’s view on that particular subject, I think, will drive a good part of the decision-making that’s ultimately going to be done in Washington, D.C. In short, the decision, I think, will be made in Washington, D.C., rather than as a consequence of a particular person’s opinion in Baghdad.

The TP piece analyzes this statement in terms of McCainian arrogance/flip-floppery (he had earlier stated that if the government asked us to leave we would, now he says troops numbers will solely be determined by conditions on the ground/US decision making–Welcome to Colonialism!!!).

But you could just as easily flip the script on this and use Sanford’s words to support Obama contra the right-wing attack machine.

“My decision as President will not be swayed by an individual in Iraq.” (Read a certain US General or Generals). So McCain is now doing what he accuses Obama of? [edit: he’s done it before so why not now?].

McCain really needs to get his surrogates on message–Phil Gram, now Sanford. These guys can’t run a campaign to save their lives.

Mark Sanford looking like Lamont Sanford–you big Dummy.

Cue the music:

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