John Cole on why Left-Wing Bloggers Suck

As usual he nails it why netrootish types are not ready for the big leagues yet:

Watching the collective freak-out over the New Yorker cover yesterday, it has become clear that the left wing blogosphere has become very adept at whipping themselves into a Malkinesque frothing outrage, but they still seem to be unable to maintain the message discipline that the right-wing bloggers have perfected. I challenge you to, at this point, find right-wing bloggers critical of McCain. You won’t. It is all anti-Obama, all the time.

So if you are going to become just as bad as right-wing bloggers with your fauxtrage, you ought to at least pick up one somewhat useful characteristic- their message discipline. I can’t read a comment thread or visit a left-wing blog without continued self-mutilation over Obama’s FISA role. As such, a quick pointer.

This is not just a recession. This is the BUSH recession. This is the REPUBLICAN RECESSION OF 2008. This is the BUSH/MCCAIN RECESSION. Say it loud. Say it often. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

John McCain’s policies will continue the BUSH/MCCAIN RECESSION. John McCain’s financial adviser thinks you are a whiner for experiencing tough times in the BUSH/MCCAIN RECESSION. Your retirement fund is going in the shitter because of the BUSH/MCCAIN recession. You will not be able to pay for college for your kid because of the BUSH/MCCAIN recession.

Again, if you are going to copy these guys, at least be competent.


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  1. hehe. here’s another case in point of the BUSH/MCCAIN bandwagon.

    ah well. politics.


  2. yeah bro,

    Me no likey McCain’s economic policies. Have you seen his budgetary proposals?

    peace. cj

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