Obama Larry King

Two reasons I’m posting this.

1)Obama mentions that the New Yorker cartoon (and more importantly the emails/whisper campaigns it was meant to satirize) offend Muslim Americans. And that he, Obama and his campaign, have not always done the best in speaking out on this subject–focused usually as they have been (properly) on saying that he is not a Muslim. But sometimes it comes across as if that were intrinsically a bad thing or something if he were (which he’s not). So hat tip for that one.

[For what’s worth on the magazine, he says it’s satire, doesn’t think it worked as satire (I agree–it wasn’t funny whether or not it was offensive), but it’s a cartoon for God’s sakes and there are more important things in the world.]

2)BO is clearly getting down the language of saying that McCain is only focused on tactics and not strategy. Strategically the war was a mistake and the surge (and continuing it a la McCain) is only further embedding the strained military in an un-winnable conflict. The strategy has failed whatever tactical victories are gained. [i.e. The victories are non-sustainable as they have no political framework within which to stick. McCain is absolutely silent on this issue.]

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  1. “Strategically the war was a mistake and the surge (and continuing it a la McCain) is only further embedding the strained military in an un-winnable conflict.”

    exactly! serendipitously, i just watched Richard Wolffe on the Keith Olbermann essentially saying the same thing.

    “But when you look at the bigger sort of political issue, how does Obama deal with it? He’s really got to try and take this back into first principles. Who is responsible for going into the war in the first place? Invading Iraq, President Bush supported very actively, and even before Bush got on board, by John McCain. That’s where he gotta shift this, not a debate about the surge, but about the war and the diversion from Afghanistan and Al Qaeda.”

    you can watch the video here: http://bit.ly/BEmIV


  2. thanks for the clip. Wolffe is one of the smarter commenters out there (imo).

    peace bro. cj

  3. btw, interesting article on the NYTimes. Obama has 300 advisers on foreign policy alone – http://bit.ly/goNQx


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