On McCain’s Iraqian Afghan Strategy

This is what happens when your entire lens is Iraq. Joe Biden, whose always good for a one-liner or two, today said McCain was running for Commander in Chief of Iraq not the US.

From Eric Martin at American Footprints on the recent announcement of the McCain campaign that they plan to use Iraqi-based counter-insurgency in Afghanistan because as McCain says “he knows how to win wars.”:

Great plan. All we have to do is: get the Afghans to divide the population through massive ethnic/sectarian cleansing, wall off the various factions, get Moqtada al-Sadr to tell his Afghan buddies to stand down (they’re all Islamofascists taking orders from A-Jad bin Laden after all), strike a deal with those tribal elements that were fighting us but would be willing to enlist our support to help them vis-a-vis the Karzai government and then…balanced budget from the victory dividend!


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  1. hehe. very witty Biden. btw, have you seen this Hardball?

    on a different geopolitical topic, i just read an op-ed by Thomas L. Friedman on Zimbabwe.


    Friedman is defending the U.S. and criticizing China and Russia which reminds me of Zakaria’s point in his book The Post-American World. here’s the relevant quote:

    “Legitimacy is power. The United States has every kind of power in the ample supply these days except one: legitimacy. In today’s world, this is a critical deficiency. Legitimacy allows one to set the agenda, define a crisis, and mobilize support for policies among both countries and nongovernmental forces like private business and grass roots organizations.”

    legitimacy is what’s lacking in Bush/McCain. that’s why Obama has a more favorable rating in Europe.

    “legitimacy” is the promise of Obama’s foreign policies.


  2. Legitimacy and “The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder”…

    Yesterday I watched the Banned Pres. Bush interview which reminded me again of how passionate (yet misguided) Bush was on his decision to invade Iraq. Impeachment may be off the table, but this didn’t stop uber-prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi to write…

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