Bending of the Knee

One of John McCain’s compadres went and shot his mouth off (this is happening all too frequently with the disorganized debacle that is the McCain campaign). This time, resident jackass Bud Day (you’ll remember him as one of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a sterling organization to be sure) opened up his yap and stupid came rolling out. And I quote the good Colonel:

“The Muslims have said either we kneel or they’re going to kill us.”

Colonel Bud Day added: “I don’t intend to kneel and I don’t advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn’t advocate to anybody that we kneel.”

First off, who in Allah’s name are “The Muslims?” There are only like a billion of them. Obviously this guy isn’t thinking and this isn’t a rational statement, but it gets to the larger point of the stupidity of the “War of Civilizations” mindset so common on the right.

As Bob Wright has said so many times, it’s not that there is such a war or battle. It is that by continuing to talk, believe, and act based on the premise of one, you can end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.  More darkly put, consciously or otherwise, the hardline right needs this kind of fight (big wars don’t look looming on the horizon no matter how much McCain talks smack about Russia and China), the Soviet Union is dead, and they need a unified theory of evil incarnate–the neocons especially as this is part of Strauss’ theory of the Noble Lie.

In this same line was the documentary (and that’s me being generous calling it a documentary) Fitna by Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders (another resident jackass this time from across the pond). Watching that disaster was like someone taking a cheese grater to my skull.

In said sorry excuse for a film, Wilders just puts up passages from the Koran advocating violence and the like interspersed with images of Muslim terrorists (or is terrorists who are Muslim?) killing people or calling for blood, etc.  Decontextualized, free floating–truly postmodern s–t.

All of which only works (following the Wright self-fulfilling thesis) to further validate that the al-Qaeda/jihadi vision is in fact THE (as in the One and Only) correct reading of the Quran/practice of Islam.  That’s their exegesis of the book in a nutshell.  Random quotations, no history, assumed obvious meaning, one world myth of given bs.

From a purely tactical standpoint, how more ignorant can one get? The whole point is to undercut your enemy and separate them from the host population (something they are doing very well themselves by killing Muslim civilians thank you very much) not unite them.

What Day has done is plainly state that John McCain’s candidacy is about destroying Islam. Now I don’t actually think McCain wants to do that, but you see it doesn’t matter. That’s the whole point. The perception is the reality on this one.  At least, McCain is making clear he’s not opposed to people thinking he is conflating “Islamic extremism” rather easily with Islam per se and Muslims in toto.

And since McCain is a Christian it will be seen as yet more proof that the so-called War on Terror is really a Second Crusade, with the Christians coming back to finish job.  Again that it isn’t “actually” this doesn’t matter.   To think otherwise is to fail to understand the basic law of cause and effect.

Of course I know that Day is just some redneck moron and his views are basically meaningless. Which is to say it wouldn’t matter except for the fact of how this will play elsewhere. How does that come across in other environs? How does that (to again invoke the Wright thesis) not play perfectly into the hands of conspiracy minded fools around the world? That America, to quote a Pastor whose endorsed McCain (and McCain hasn’t repudiated so far as I know), was created to destroy Islam.

There is no such thing as Islam, the one and only version of it. Not the moderate version, not the jihadi-herretical view, not the orthodox (whoever defines that).  Just like there is no one anything.  Hence the best play is to undermine the pathological ones and at least do no harm to the healthy (healthier) ones.  But for the love of God don’t undermine them and strengthen the virus.

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