Looking Whose Coming to the Foreign Policy Dinner

Story here from the NyTimes. Bush now is negotiating a “time horizon” for withdrawal from Iraq. But it’s not a timetable, I promise (fingers crossed behind the back).

The Pentagon is looking to send more troops to Afghanistan. And rumors (which is all they are at this point) of opening a diplomatic “presence” in Iran (don’t call it a consulate).

In other words, without really wanting to, Bush is heading to Obama’s foreign policy.  Reality it appears intruded on his fantasies for the region.  A little late and kicking and screaming but the momentum and direction is clear (minus an Israeli attack on Iran).

A Reverse Sidney Poitier.

This leaves McCain even more isolated and radical in his thinking. His only homey at this point is John Bolton. And craptastic Romney on his VP-whoring circuit. It will be fascinating to see what Johnny does with this–come out and blast the President? Say that we need to keep those troops in there so we can win faster so we can withdrawal faster? Or just say this was the view he had all along (i.e. the old bald faced lie).

McCain can bluster on the trail all he wants, but the first day in office were he elected (Dear Krishna No) the Pentagon would sit down and have an adult talk with the Commander and let him know that his campaign promises and strategies in both Iraq and Afghanistan are unfeasible. They can not be undertaken with the current state of rotations, numbers of troops, etc.

And for all this talk for so long about how Obama was this naif more and more folk keep jumping on the wagon.


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  1. “In other words, without really wanting to, Bush is heading to Obama’s foreign policy. Reality it appears intruded on his fantasies for the region.”

    exactly! time horizon is euphemism for timetable. whatever. expect the Bush/McCain to spin this. the apparent spin right now is that the “time horizon” was made possible by the success of the surge. ok let’s assume that is correct. let’s take this back to first principles.

    Obama opposed the war (we now all know that this war is a wrong war to begin with)
    McCain proposed the surge (score one for McCain)
    Obama is pushing for timetable (Iraq gov’t wants to have a time table /
    Bush/McCain doesn’t want to talk to terrorists (Bush gov’t now sends a “sit-in” diplomat to Iran)
    Obama beat McCain to the Afghanistan policy (now McCain is playing catch up)

    let’s not forget that Obama is uber popular in Europe (which adds to the good image of the U.S. in future foreign relations).

    from a foreign policy perspective, there’s no questions who’s got the upper hand here.

    but the disheartening reality is that the polls here in the U.S. still don’t reflect Obama’s apparent advantage over McCain. what’s wrong with America?


  2. C4,

    I don’t know that I’d say it’s what’s wrong with America. Although that can’t be dismissed either I suppose. I just don’t think a lot of folk follow (either for time reasons and/or inclination) these issues this closely.

    Democrats are still struggling with the media image of being wussies and McCain is a war hero/POW and looks and talks tough.

    The US media scene with its incessant pop biography & scandal o’ the day mentality is seriously to blame imo.

    peace. cj

  3. Also forgot to mention one more thing.

    Obama polls statistically even with McCain on the question of who can handle Iraq. McCain does still beat Obama on the general question of National Security/Terrorism.

    So that Obama is tied with McCain on Iraq seems a big deal. Because if he can minimize his damage there and minus some major scare close to the election (which would play back to McCain’s advantage), then on all fronts–health care, energy, economy, taxes, Obama is universes ahead of McCain. And he wins.

  4. […] proof of my reverse Sidney Poitier theory of US prez foreign politics.  Bush is moving to a quasi/de facto support of Obama’s […]

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