Heckling in a Church

This is what it has come to in my sad Anglican Church.

The man being heckled is Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire around whom most of the controversy swells. He was not invited to the current Lambeth Conference as would have been in order given his episcopal status. The Conference has been boycotted by over 200 bishops mostly over the question of gays and lesbians. [Robinson is the first openly gay bishop in the Communion; I guarantee by no means the first one or only currently one–simply the only openly one].

Good stiff upper lip Brits just sing over the guy with a rousing old number (#4 in the English Hymn Book “Thine Be the Glory, Risen Conquering Son”).

I could use a stiff drink and a gun.

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  1. Vexing times. Still, it’s good to see some exercise of the traditional skills of the ostiarate at the end there as the gentleman is gently ejected from the room.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how a global church trying to bridge such an obviously developmental set of issues could maintain anything other than token communion. I was raised an Anglican and this is awful to watch, but it’s hard to imagine a way around it.

  2. Tim,

    Good to hear from you dude, what’s happening?

    My sense is as you say there is no way to hold together a Communion (across the levels) but rather that monolith breaks apart and you have the creation of communions. Across the globe and connected at the level of similar waves of development. GAFCON for blue, Covenant Process Rowan Williams is on for orange, and Canada/US (and probably some more down the road) for Green.

    I think the liberals should stop whining about the traditionalists and how they are not following the rules and just go ahead and do their thing.

    but it is painful to watch. On the other hand, it would be better to give a proper burial and have a sorta renewed hope/resurrection in the future.

    peace. cj

  3. That’s more or less exactly what I’ve been thinking. Continued monolithic communion seems impossible across three levels. They seemed to kind of get away with it across two.

    Agreed on the “quit whining” point, but that seems the first tier dilemma to me. Both Green and Blue passionately feel that the other is in betrayal of the Gospel and hence kind of polluting the communion… or that’s the language that seems to get used.

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