Amory Lovins on Charlie Rose (Energy Independence)

Link to video of Lovins on Charlie Rose (not up yet on google video).   You can download a pdf copy (for free) of Lovins’ tract on the subject:  Winning the Oil Endgame here.

Lovins primary argument is that efficiency (maximizing use of oil/gas) is far cheaper than drilling for more.  i.e. The key is to put the investment (the technology and design already exist) to cars that get 2-3x more mileage per gallon that currently.  That takes use through the next decade or so by which time the renewables–per the forces of the market–will more and more come into their own.

The so-called free marketers on the right are really just corporate whores for the oil and gas companies.  And the left’s immediate reflex mechanism is to have more state control as well as to give taxpayer handouts to their favored industries (e.g. ethanol).  The fed should steer not row says Lovins–that is, set a course, send signals to the market but now do the heavy lifting, micro-manage the whole operation.

And also listen for his take down of ANWR (it has to do with national security) and nuclear (has to be taxpayer sponsored, it won’t win based on the rules of the market).  There goes John McCain’s entire energy strategy.

Here is a video of Lovins making many of the same points.  [I like Rose and the interview style better but the content is more or less the same on these two.]


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