Frank Rich on Obama as Current Chief

I’m not usually a huge Frank Rich fan but I thought his op-ed today was extremely sharp and on target.

Key quote:

The growing Obama clout derives not from national polls, where his lead is modest. Nor is it a gift from the press, which still gives free passes to its old bus mate John McCain….This election remains about the present and the future, where Iraq’s $10 billion a month drain on American pocketbooks and military readiness is just one moving part in a matrix of national crises stretching from the gas pump to Pakistan. That’s the high-rolling political casino where Mr. Obama amassed the chips he cashed in last week. The “change” that he can at times wield like a glib marketing gimmick is increasingly becoming a substantive reality — sometimes through Mr. Obama’s instigation, sometimes by luck. Obama-branded change is snowballing, whether it’s change you happen to believe in or not.

Plus he calls McCain Mr. Wilson. Ouch. Not sure though why he didn’t mention Afghanistan as the same dynamic he describes is in play there (Obama ahead of the curve, Bush essentially coming albeit slowly to Obama’s position thereby leaving McCain out in the cold, more hardline than Bush, and hence the angry yet powerless old man yelling at the kids on the lawn feel to his campaign).

This kind of factual argument for Obama I prefer to this kind of thing. Warning: The cod-piece Obama logo may give you nightmares.

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