The McCainian Ahole Strategy

John McCain amps up his petulant Rovian ahole campaign with another attack on Obama saying that he (McCain) loves America first and Obama only cares about winning an election. [But then when called on will of course say, “No I don’t think Obama is a traitor–he just wants to lose a war rather than an election…see the difference?].

The latest round involves the charge that Obama wouldn’t visit wounded US soldiers in Germany because he couldn’t bring cameras–and therefore make it into a campaign spot/PR boon. [Weirdly that military base is the same one where my cousin who is an Army Medic worked for years].

Here is the ad:

What actually happened as TPM helpfully points out is that the Dept. of Defense has rules about not letting candidates travel to army hospitals with their campaign staff in tow. Obama traveled with his campaign staff not his senate staff hence he was barred from traveling.

It had nothing to do with cameras. Or Obama the secret Muslim, Manchurian candidate, Marxist, flip-flopping yet inflexible (how do those two go together I wonder?), naif/seasoned political cynic (again how do those two line up?) and his desire to destroy America so he can be president of the the one world.

Rather than an elaborate snub at the military for not recognizing his egoic greatness, it was a simple case of miscommunication/poor communication from two bureaucracies (Obama’s staff and The Pentagon). Poor planning & communication on both sides is what it looks like. Nothing more. That’s it. But that wouldn’t make for a very good attack ad now would it?

Edit I: More McStraight Talk. After reversing himself on off-shore drilling, surprise surprise, he’s got massive cash from the oil industry.

Edit II:  What Joe Klein said.


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  1. […] site has this to say: I predict these nasty, petty, and desperate attacks [in reference to McCain’s “Obama would rather shoot hoops than go see the soldiers ad] will only grow as Obama soars into November. What else does McCain have to run on? It’s the […]

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