Daily Dose of Stupid: Mona Charen Edition

Mona Charen with your daily dose of teh stupid:

Via Drudge comes this speech in which House Majority Whip James Clyburn, ( D-S.C.) argues that climate change disproportionately harms blacks and Hispanics. This is reminiscent of the old joke about how liberal newspapers would cover the end of the world. You know, the one whose punchline is “World to end tomorrow, women and minorities hardest hit.” Well, Clyburn is actually saying it. These people really need foolishness meters to prevent them from straying into self-parody.

I suppose Clyburn would need some such foolishness meter if the “we black folk are going to get hurt more by the end of the world scenario” was what Clyburn was actually saying–which it of course it wasn’t as MC herself describes a sentence earlier. I might suggest someone else look into the foolishness meter product line.

Climate change does not inherently equal end of the world. It might just be something like things get worse, even a great deal worse. And that worse might be worser (as it were) if you were poor and black. Because I don’t know you might have less resources to adapt to (or in worst case flee from) a negative consequence of said environmental change.

I will now take a second out of this post, just bear with me as I check my own foolishness meter cause I may have gone over the edge with last sentence or two….Waiting, waiting…..Ok, green light, looks like I’m safe so I’ll continue.

Clyburn was at the National Press Club to launch a new report (which is embedded in the middle of this article, the one Charen linked to) by the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative.

The EJCC homepage reads:

Global warming, or climate change, is fundamentally an issue of human rights and environmental justice that connects the local to the global. With rising temperatures, human lives—particularly in people of color, low-income, and Indigenous communities—are affected by compromised health, financial burdens, and social and cultural disruptions. Moreover, those who are most affected are least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions that cause the problem—both globally and within the United States.

The report lays out their argument for how that is the case relative to climate change. Doesn’t strike me as  the most radical irrational assertion in the world nor particularly self-parody or liberal minority narcissistic whining/me more-ism.

Abstracting from climate change for the moment, it’s not exactly theoretical particle physics to know that environmental pollution has hurt, particularly in poor urban contexts, blacks (the poor generally of whatever color in fact) disproportionately: toxic dumping, pollutant creating factories, bad air quality, lead paint issues, and the like.

There are plenty of points intelligent people can agree/disagree about concerning the report in a good faith manner–e.g. their policy recommendations, its feasibility–but this kind of trash does not meet that (admittedly low and reasonable) standard.

But hey why worry about any of that (and you know read something and think about it) when you can just lampoon people unfairly.

Edit: On the intentional of teh, I am aware of all internet traditions.

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  1. I’m sad, and yet happy, to report that the link to “I am aware of all internet traditions” was as, if not more, engaging than your much more substantial post. In my defense, I’m easily amused, especially where lolcatz are involved.

  2. Do not be sad. I am aware is far more interesting than my far too serious post.

    lolcatz rockz.

  3. I can haz blog.

  4. This is quite a hot information. I’ll share it on Digg.

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