george bush nickname time

Billmon at DKos calls George Bush Shrub in this post. Can’t say as I had ever heard that one before. It has a certain ring to it I suppose.

But I think even better would be a combo nickname: Dubya plus Shrub=SHRUBYA.

Anybody with me on this? I know it’s a little late given he won’t be president much longer and has been a lame duck for 3 years now. Still, for whatever time we got left I say go with it….or I am just totally off on this one?

Edit I: Looking at Teh Google I seez that Shrub has been quite common. How did I miss that train?

Edit II: The post is actually about John McCain and is worth the read. But speaking of nicknames Billmon (recalling the rather bizarre cast of characters in the 1999 Republican primary race) refers to Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes as the “salt and pepper of American religious nutjobbery.” Well played sir. Well played. Let that clause stand for a long time.

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