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I was all set to vote for Barack Obama until I watched this unbelievably intelligent, captivating, and totally 100% factually accurate ad for John McCain where I was told I shouldn’t vote for Obama because he has declared himself the messiah. FOR THE RECORD: THIS IS SNARK….

[The ad which is so pathetic I will not post it only link to it is here].

I mean Obama did say the following right???:

“This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

That’s totally messianic. [It might be worth pointing out at this point that in Judaism proclaiming oneself the messiah actually isn’t a big deal!!!. But I digress.]

I mean he did say that right? A bunch of (quote unquote) serious journalists on Cable TV talked about it all day, so he said it. I mean for God’s sake it was in the WashingtonPost so it must be true right?

Except of course that he actually didn’t say that–even if he were that full of himself he’s clearly smart enough TO NOT SAY SOMETHING THAT MAKES IT SO BLINDINGLY CLEAR HE’S THAT INSANELY ARROGANT.

Here’s what Obama actually said (my emphasis):

It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign, that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.

Holy Cognitive Dissonance Batman. This is like the complete opposite of what the other quote has him saying. But now I’m confused because Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough told me Obama is arrogant.

So he sees these big crowds as actually about people wanting to love America and he just happens to be the one the focus is on. Wow. Utterly messianic, no other takeaway possible from that one. He even made the same basic comment on the domestic front that he was just the backdrop/excuse to big black dudes, old white ladies, and Latinos arm in arm at a political rally. And he thought that kinda coming together was kinda cool. He clearly is setting himself in opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ. M–tha f–ka I know my Book of Revelation, so don’t question.

Now of course somebody might argue that America has not gone anywhere or left its best traditions. Obama’s is clearly a liberal (not totally in the tank/nutjob for Bush) read on the Bush years but (WOWY ZOWY) the guy is a liberal. But that would be an actual intelligent good faith criticism (or at least could be). This trash however is obviously not.

But wait ok so maybe that first quotation in the ad MIGHT BE A COMPLETE LIE, there’s still the latter piece of evidence in this wonderful waste of my time.

As the ad irrefutably shows, (they’ve got him on video!!!!), telling a guy that light will shine on him, he will have an epiphany and that will lead him to vote for Barack Obama. Because….Obama is the messiah, that much is clear. All fits, I’m sold.

Except of course Obama’s mocking himself as is clear by watching the video these morons put in their own ad. This s–t is truly Derridian in its amazing self-deconstruction.

But of course the creators of the ad know all this–they just don’t care. Why should they, the media isn’t going to call them on it. They think Americans are dumb and will fall for it. I assume they are (at least partially) right. But if they are such nihilists then don’t give me this crap about how they are fighting for the real American (who they are busy calling complete imbeciles simultaneously).

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  1. haha. it already looks like the McCain campaign ads have gone to the deep looney end. Rachel Maddow (on of my recent favorite intelligent political voices) stuck it to Pat Buchanan for perpetrating such ignoramous propaganda. see

    this Huffington Post is right on the money: “But no matter what Obama does between now and November 4, if the American people are going to allow themselves to be fooled, there is only so much progress he can make. The campaign can’t simply assume that voters see how desperate, disgusting and inaccurate McCain’s attack ads are, because the evidence seems to indicate that Americans are falling for McCain’s lies. The United States is a democracy, and its citizens get the leaders they deserve. Let’s hope they don’t end up deserving John McCain.”


  2. P.S. “The One” is not closing the door to offshore drilling – – i think he has a healthy attitude towards it (e.g. compromise). this sounds like FISA revisited. i’m sure that the McCain campaign would stick it as a flip-flop. ah well.


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