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A new widget on the column to the right scroll down to the bottom. Vodpod videos which I’ll use to post some non google/youtube vids.

The first up is Robert Bryce talking at CatoTV on the myth of Energy Independence, discussing his book Gusher of Lies. You can get a quick sense of his book from this op-ed in the WashingtonPost on The Five Myths of Energy Independence. Apologies to the listener, what he has to say is important I think, but it’s a pretty poor/annoying speaker in the beginning–he does get on a roll eventually (especially when bashing ethanol).

Now his book only goes so far but does inject some rationality into this debate. I think he underestimates the potential of a Peak Oil Scenario, Global Warming potentials, and while al-Qaeda isn’t funding itself through oil, the insurgency in Iraq is.

Where the work can be complemented I think would be some calls for what to do. One very obvious one it seems to me is get rid of this whole infrastructure of taxpayer funding of ethanol and for God’s sake screw this government socialism for Iowa farmers in Iowa and buy some well made fuel from the Brazilians (i.e. lift the tariff).

Then move quickly to introduce what Amory Lovins calls for which is efficiency in use of the gasoline that Bryce is clearly correct is still going to be the major source in the short/mid term.


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