Quote of the Day: Ezra Klein

Klein’s gotta point (re: Obama and inflate your tires being mocked by the right though factually accurate):

It’s sort of rare that you see the sickness of our political culture on such clear display as in this flap over Obama’s offhand comment suggesting that folks fully inflate their tires. Fundamentally, though, it’s a good reminder that politics is like the Kiwanis or the Moose Lodge: It’s a social club that justifies its existence by pretending that it’s actually about community service and the public good. But it’s really just another venue where a bunch of folks get together with their friends and work desperately to make sure they’re in on the day’s joke. Obama’s comment on tire pressure was one of those interesting moments when the joke collides with the ostensible purpose of the club, and you get to see which motivation is stronger.

Edit I:

But ho, what is this?  Klein is proved wrong as the Republicans have clearly established in public that their political theater has actually lowered gas prices.  They do exist to serve the public interest Virginia!!!  They really do.  [Wasn’t it nice when Republicans at least mouthed how they believed in the market meanwhile being corporate socialists].  I suppose it’s better that now they are out in public about their The Secret Theory of Governance:


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