Hiltonian Energy

In response to Steve Benen’s legitimate queries (e.g. why can Paris Hilton describe energy policy and read a prompter with more agility than the Republican nominee for president?), it’s worth pointing to a counter CW on this one. The CW is that Paris Hilton is a celebrity based on being a celebrity (a talent-less celebrity), but actually as none other than Camille Paglia pointed out Hilton is an extremely talented model [the link is to the fan page of Paris Hilton–there’s a first for everything on this blog–click the photos].

And while yes she’s not a nuclear physicist (to put it nicely) in multiple ways (life experience/bubble mind), she’s actually quite sharply parlays that perception (er reality?) into her public persona. I mean she knows her fan base and the media and how to work the system.

Must be from reading all that Sun Tzu b@!&hes:

The only question now is whether she ends up with more votes than Nader and Cynthia McKinney.

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  1. the big mistake of the McCain campaign is that it has invaded Paris Hilton’s turf: pop culture. we all know how pop culture-friendly McCain is.

    expect to see Paris Hilton base (aka millennial voters) rooting for Obama.

    i can’t wait for Britney’s response.


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