Russia-Georgia: Bad to Scary Worse in under 3 seconds

WTF is Putin thinking going beyond Ossetia, extending the war to the air and navy and perhaps a push on the capital?  This is even worse than Saakasvili’s ham-handed failed putsch. 

The Georgians are tough people–see how many times Tamerlane had to put down (bloodily) revolts there.

The US should make clear to Russia that this could be their Iraq (or Afghanistan #2).  Namely the Georgians deploy their defenses to irregular warfare, let the Russians in, and bleed them dry. 

Clearly after a day of this Putin had Ossetia and Abkhazia within his orbit/on their own Kosovo-like trip to independence or Kurdish-esque autonomous power.  Recognized in some fashion in the international community.

But this s–t is spiralling out of control and only plays into the worst hardline US elements (i.e. McCain). 

See James P. on the subject.  Key quote:

The real bottom line is a tragic one: Saakashvili drove his country headlong into an unnecessary war, and Putin seems set to press forward with an even less necessary conflict — squandering a golden opportunity to reach final status in the Caucasus without destroying any shred of basic good will, or even begrudging patience, in the West.

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