Rain Rain Come Again Another Day

The only thing approaching the stupidity of this ad praying for rain on the night of Obama’s Convention Speech will be–if it doesn’t rain–the inevitable OnFaith op-ed in Washington Post by Daniel Dennett proving that God doesn’t exist. Or if it does, these looney tunes jumping for joy since it will irrevocably proved prayer is effective.

Warning: Potential Brain Cell Damage from Watching This Clip (or in my case losing even more of my already little amount of faith in humanity):

Exit question: Is it just me or is that music at the beginning perilously close to porn soundtrack?

Update I: It occurs to me that the Focus on the Family could pull a master piss-everybody-off move by hiring some say Zuni to do a rain dance.

Update II: On a second watch (missed it the first time) he actually says he wants flood advisory levels of rain. i.e. This unthinking bastard is praying that poor people’s homes get washed away for his own political ends. That’s super Christian.

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