skypecast: russia georgia conflict (Audio Content)


Above is the link for the first (in what we hope is a series) of skypecasts between my friend Scott Payne (from the blog Politics of Scrabble) on the Russian-Georgia conflict. We taped this Wednesday night so some of what has occurred since, is obviously not covered.

By clicking the link, the audio will play on the site. If you have trouble playing the mp3 on my site, it is also up on Scott’s, here. Big ups to Scott for the handling the recording/technical side.

[For background on the conflict, here.]

A brief note: Towards the end, we briefly touch on the possibility of Georgia employing asymmetrical warfare against Russia (instead of trying to get the West to have their back in a straight up fight). I suggest a possible model as Hezbollah. The next day (i.e. yesterday Thursday, since we taped this Wednesday night), Reihan Salam writes this excellent post saying the exact same thing. Now Salam and I aren’t long lost psychic twins; rather we are both avid readers of John Robb–whose really the one who opened up this line of thought.

Hope you enjoy. Any comments/suggestions in terms of style, format are appreciated. In this one Scott is more in the interviewer/questioner role and I in the responder role. Next time, we’ll have do some role reversal. But if anyone has ideas as to future topics those are also welcome.

Edit I: I need to get a headset, apologies for the hollowness of my voice and the volume level differential between myself and Scott.

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  1. […] past Wednesday, Chris Dierkes from Indistinct Union and I recorded a “skypecast” looking at various aspects the Russia/Georgia conflict. […]

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