Pick Biden

Readers of this blog will know of my long standing affection for Joe Biden–including but not limited to the Biden-Gelb Plan, his views on aid to Pakistan (now picked up by Obama), and his blunt sarcasm. He runs his mouth off no doubt, likes to hear himself talk, but overall I dig the guy. Looks like he was smart to tamp down the Sec of State rumors because it just may get him the VP slot.

If picked, deploy him to Michigan and Ohio and blue collar workers. Full time.

One of my secret longings is that McCain will pick Romney and Obama Biden so we can watch Biden absolutely tear the bark off Romney. Can you imagine a debate between those two? There would be nothing better than to watch Biden’s estimation of The Robotic One (guaranteed it’s not high) particularly when it comes to foreign policy.

Do it Obama.

Courtesy Jonathan Cohn at TNR, this video of Biden clips (including his legendary take down of Giuliani)

If he doesn’t go with Biden, I guess the next best choice is Sebelius. That moves it more into the realm of the back up your story/message (change), but I just don’t see it happening. But who knows. I will have to learn his pick the new old fashioned way of the intertubes (I’m not getting texted the message).

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