Launch Operation Attack Sen. Richie Rich

A couple of days ago I suggested Obama play a little bit of class warfare–but not simply by bashing McCain but rather tie his economic agenda as in the tank for the rich.

Well, looks like the first part of that equation is happening.

McCain was asked how many houses he owned and he wasn’t sure–yikes. Not so good Johnny. He just gave Obama a huge gift, pre-wrapped for his upcoming Convention. Think we won’t hear that one repeated numerous times there?

While it’s low hanging fruit to take a free shot at the guy painting him as a clueless rich dude who is out of touch and thinks everything economically is in good shape because he only hangs with other really rich people, to get traction the key for Obama is a sustained unified attack on this front across a number of issues (the second half of my equation):

e.g. McCain wants to privatize Social Security. Tax cuts for the rich. Continuation of the failed Bushnonomics policies. Weakened Dollar. His Health Care plan’s giveaway to the Insurance Industry. Further increasing Massive Debt to future generations.

If I were the message guy for Obama, here is the one-liner to encapsulate it:

“John McCain: Not Putting the Future of Our Country First”

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