Quote for the Day

Via Scheiber TNR (my italics):

By the following year, Cindy had developed a serious relationship with a classmate named Kerry McCluggage. McCluggage was a catch by any conventional measure: smart, ambitious, strikingly handsome…Cindy was by all accounts taken with McCluggage.

Poor dude.  It’s bad enough he had the ill fortune of being named McCluggage, but then we learn in this story Cindy McCain (then Hensley) had to dump homeboy because Daddy Hensley thought he wasn’t rich enough.

The offending cause:  Horror of horrors McCluggage (sorry man) had to pay for his own way through college.  To quote the Rev. Gigg LeCarp (from Reno 911!), “God, Jesus, and the Baby Jesus No.”  Seriously you can’t have a guy who works hard is a super-achiever (Harvard Business and Head of Universal Television Studios in his 30s!!!) but who doesn’t come from upper crust society diluting the bloodline.

I can see him now after getting teased vowing to himself to work his back side off so as to say, “You’ll remember McCluggage mofos”.

But I don’t think you’ll ever hear the sentence, “McCluggage was a catch by any conventional standard” ever again in your life.  That’s almost metaphysical.

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