Republican Politico-Military Correctness

Another day, another John McCain response to an attack (this time on being a really rich dude who doesn’t know how many houses he owns) by stating that he can’t be attacked because he is a POW.

Via TPM:

“This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years — in prison,” spokesman Brian Rogers told the Washington Post.

For those of you who haven’t kept track, the McCain campaign just recently cited McCain’s POW years in explaining away the Miss Buffalo Chip gaffe, and in dealing with the allegation that he broke the rules and listened in on Barack Obama during the Rick Warren forum.

Jon Chait has written intelligently on conservative working class pc. Jim Webb has stated repeatedly that the GOP has politicized the military. So putting these two together, I want to argue the conservatives–and McCain supreme in this regard–are practicing a form of military Political Correctness.

This of course undermines the argument that conservatives want to make that you can’t attack Obama because he is black and therefore Liberal PC which controls the Liberal Media disallows it. Hence according to Rush Limbaugh, Obama is a case of affirmative action. It doesn’t help of course with the potential racism charge that he called Obama a “little black man child.” You can’t really do that and then turn around and say you can criticize McCain on the economy because of the Vietcong did to him.

The key plank of PC-ism of course is that any criticism however unconnected to say the issue of race or gender or with McCain military/POW issues, will be responded with a defense that accuses the Other of racism or sexism or in this case attacking the heroic image of a POW. [What he knows or doesn’t know about how many houses he does or doesn’t own of course has nothing to do with his status as a legitimately extraordinarily brave individual having been unjustly and brutally tortured].

And as we know from Liberal PC the individual who will often be attacked the hardest is the one who is from the group receiving preferential treatment but doesn’t follow the orthodoxy. e.g. Black Conservatives. They might get called an Uncle Tom or a sellout or whatever–even by liberal whites.

It’s just the same with the Weekly Standard led Conservative Military PC. They will cut you down at the knees if you are in the military the second you question their fundamental myth/party line. Just ask Scott Beauchamp. And here.


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  1. McCain wife’s houses are mostly rentals so when did it get bad to own a business in America?

  2. GTP,

    I don’t care how many houses they own or rent; I don’t have any problem with them being very wealthy. I just think it’s ludicrous that McCain claims this man of the people mantle and says Obama is some rich out of touch elitist when McCain is married into an heiress uber-fortune. Just reeks of hypocrisy.

    And now it’s blowing up in his face and he wants to play the victim card and act like it’s so unfair. Sorry don’t have a great deal of sympathy for him on that one.

    What does bother me is that the McCains forgot to pay taxes on one of those houses last year, ran up something like a $100,000 credit card debt and the Senator clearly has no clue of his own family’s finances. That doesn’t bode well imo for him running the government purse.

    That plus his economic policy is completely targeted for his own extremely small economic class. He gets a $300,000 tax cut under his own plan.

    My real disagreement is with his economic plan–the entire thing is a total disaster of bigger deficits, tax cutting during a war, and supply side voodoo economics of the worst sort.


    PS I also find it quite depressing that in order to paint Obama as different than the average voter he labels Obama as a “professor” suggesting that being stupid is a defining characteristic of Joe and Jane Q. American.

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